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​1. We promote an essential Revision Control Infrastructure in order to:

     - Control of Logic Change(s) in Production Environment Automation Controller(s).

     - Controlled Expected change(s), e.g. Prototype, Test, Release -Commenced centrally.

     - Uncontrolled Unexpected change(s), e.g. Break-Fix, Maintenance -Commenced locally.

     - Control of Production Application(s) Change(s).


2. We support the use of a UPS ( Uninterrupted Power Systems) in main Control Systems or Critical Remote      I/O panels.

    - By implementing this single solution we can ensure data integrity being monitored every single moment          of the process operation cycles.

3. We support, deliver and create total Operable VMs (Virtual Machines) to every Workstation needs.

    - From Operation Workstations to Engineering/Maintenance workstations where we log in remotely in                order to support, troubleshoot or even update applications when required.

Revision Control
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