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Find out the performance of your machines and plants


  • Monitoring running, idle and alarm status

  • Drill down reason codes

  • Target vs actual trends

  • Shift statistics

Batching System

  • Virtual/Digital twin system

  • Editable recipe sequences

  • Recordable small adds

  • Order Management

  • Storage tank management

Automate your recipes

Pigging System

  • Centralized system for transfer, PIG and CIP

  • Virtual/Digital twin system

  • Centralized reporting solution

Transfer, PIG and CIP all in one system

Vibration & Temp Monitoring

  • Avoid machine failures

  • Monitor a variety of equipment

  • Wired or wireless

  • Trend Vibration, Temp, and amps

  • Save thousands by getting an alert days before

Get a warning before it breaks down

In with the new, out with the old


  • Reduce downtime and the risk

  • Switch over in less than a day on large systems

  • Virtual/Digital twin system

  • Spent weeks with our simulated system, test driving it

  • Switch from old to new and back in a matter of minutes if large issues are found

Material Verification

  • Detects an incorrect barcodes

  • Product database search

  • OEE

  • Reason code for downtime

  • Changeover Acknowledgment

  • Reports

 Confirm the correct material is in the correct package

Fully automate your plant by removing the clipboard

Paperless Order System

  • Remove clipboards from the plant floor

  • Real time data

  • Schedule orders

  • Connect ERP with MES an d SCADA systems

  • MQTT network

Product Filling

  • Custom bottle filling recipes

  • Stepper motor controlled

  • Bottle filling reports

  • Bottle labeling and bar-coding

  • 0.05 micro-liter to larger filling amounts

Precision Filling

Track your movements

Liquid Transfer

  • User interface can be tablet or a PC

  • Source and destination containers

  • Barcode scanner is used to scan seals#

  • Pressure sensors and VFDs connected to pumps

  • Reports can be generated after every transfer

Storage Tank Management

  • Centralized inventory system for your storage tanks

  • Update and store monthly inventory measurements

  • Change the name, specific gravity, scale factors, flow alarms

  • Enable and disable tank features

  • Storage tank reports

Monitor your inventory

SCADA built servers and PCs ready for the industrial world

  • SCADA configured servers that have been tired and tested

  • Configured for running virtual machines

  • Redundancy options

  • Controlled expected and unexpected changes

  • Great for disaster recovery

  • Needed for Management Of Change (MOC)

Take control of logic changes in production


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Manufacturing Execution System


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