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Agile uses a procedure to reduce downtime and the risk.  It's possible to have downtime on a major system minimized to less than a day. The big advantage is that we program in a development area and use smart simulated logic to mimic field variables like temperature, levels, pressures, valves and motors.

You should be looking into migration if:

  • Hardware is discontinued

  • Operating system security issues

  • Lack of support 

  • Limited flexibility for additional functionality

  • Yearly SCADA subscription costs​​

PLC Migration
PLC Migration
PLC5 and SCL500 PLC hardware has already reached the end of it's shelf life. This switch can be painful if it's not carefully planned out. 
SCADA Migration
SCADA Migration
  • Setup the touch screen a few feet apart from the old system

  • Spent weeks with our simulated system, test driving it, confirming it's procedures and logic 

  • Switch from old to new and back in a matter of minutes if large issues are found. 

Migration Steps To Reduce Down Time:

  • ​Creating project scope

  • Convert the code

  • Add standard code

  • Add hardware and process code

  • Add simulation code

  • Development testing

  • Add PLC and HMI to the plant

  • Operator training and bug finding

  • Software testing with old hardware

  • New hardware switch-over planning

  • Hardware switch-over

  • Hardware and software testing

  • Small bug finding


Items in Red are downtime

Migration Customer Success Stories

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