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Product Barcode Verification System

Also called Material Verification System or MVS for short. Some of our customers have several hundred products with different packages. Some of the packages are so similar most people can't tell them apart. Reading and verifying the barcode is the best solution. We compare the production run with a database to confirm that the correct drum, film and cases are used.  If the system detects an incorrect barcode the system will shut down allowing the operator to correct the issue. Production data is then stored into SQL to provide valuable production reports. 

  • Any Allen Bradley Compact or Control logix PLCs

  • SCADA system

  • SQL database

  • RS232 or Ethernet barcode scanners

Barcode System
Triple System Layout
  • Operator uses a barcode scanner to verify the correct drum is being used 

  • Barcode reader mounted to the machine constantly scans to verify the correct film is installed

  • Barcode reader mounted to the conveyor constantly scans to verify the correct case is being used

Operator Interface
MVS Material Verification System.JPG
Operator Features
  • Operator sign-on

  • Product database search

  • Pre-operations

  • Skid count

  • Reason code for downtime

  • Scape count

  • Run/Write

  • Metal Detector Test

  • Changeover Acknowledgment

Reports Can Show
  • Production Name

  • Batch #

  • Machine operator

  • Reason code

  • Run Rate

  • Total UP time

  • Total Downtime

  • Units per Case

  • Count of packets per film roll

  • Work Order #

  • Skid #

  • Scrap

  • OEE

  • Run/Write

  • Metal Detector Test

  • Process order complete

  • Changeover Acknowledgment

Report Example
Report Example Chart
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