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A system that removes all clipboards from the production floor. When utilizing ERP for orders and scheduling, we can provide the operator stations a list of schedule orders to choose from. Batch, inventory and transfer data can be then sent back to the ERP system.

Paperless Processing System Cycle
Business Connector

The use of Sepasoft Business Connector will simply connect the ERP system and other business systems to the Ignition SCADA production data.


  • Removes issues with naming convention with two different systems

  • Removes large scripting code

  • Easily supportable for most programmers years later during changes

  • Learn more here Sepasoft

Order Management Queue.JPG
Order Management System

Don't have a ERP system? We have a simple configurable system that work well for simple order needs.


  • Schedule operator updates orders for operators to run for the week

  • Order status​

  • Operator can be restricted to only running batches on Order Management

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