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  • User interface can be tablet or a PC

  • Operator is asked to input information before the transfer begins.

    • Source and destination containers

    • Product and Re-Brand

    • PO# and Seal#

    • Operator name

  • Barcode scanner can be used to scan seals#  (minimizing typing errors)

  • Pressure sensors and VFDs connected to pumps can be used to safely control line pressure

  • Reports can be generated after every transfer or imported back to a corporate ERP system

Dock Station Overview


  • See realtime status of trucks, railcars and totes.

Dock Station Overview.JPG
Tablet Rugged.png
Truck Registration.JPG

Truck Registration


  • Truck or railcar registration.

Truck Inspection


  • Edit truck inspection:

    • Seal numbers​

    • Truck information

Truck Inspection.JPG
Truck Quality Control.JPG

Quality Control


  • Approve or reject bulk material.

  • Disable transfer until approval.

Bulk Transfer


  • Railcar or truck (un)load any storage tank.

  • Log and report any transfer.

  • Customized per customer plant

Tablet Rugged.png
Dock Station.JPG
Bulk Transfer.JPG
Unloading Report
Bulk Transfer Report


  • Log and report any transfer.

  • Save report as PDF. PNG, XML, print or email reports
  • Report info saved in SQL
  • Record valuable data for reports as:
    • PO#​
    • Re-brand
    • Seal info
    • Tank and truck info
    • Operator user info
    • Add notes


    • Tank levels

    • Motor current and speed

    • Pipe pressure

    • Vibration

Dock Station Information


  • View all bulk inspections:

    • In progress

    • Finished

    • Rejected

    • Search

Truck Information.JPG
Tank to Tank Transfer.JPG

Tank to Tank Transfer


  • Transfer bulk from one tank to another.

  • Log and report any transfer

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