• User interface can be tablet or a PC

  • Operator is tasked to input  information before the transfer begins.

    • Source and destination containers

    • Product and Re-Brand

    • PO# and Seal#

    • Operator name

Bulk Transfers
  • Log and report any transfer

  • Save, print or email the reports

  • Records valuable data for reports

    • PO#

    • Re-brand

    • Seal info

    • Tank and Truck info

    • Operator user info

    • Add notes

    • Trend

      • Tank levels

      • Motor current, speed and current

      • Pipe pressure

      • Vibration

      • Temperature‚Äč

  • Barcode scanner is used to scan seals#  (minimizing typing errors)

  • Pressure sensors and VFDs connected to pumps can be used to safely control line pressure

  • Reports can be generated after every transfer or imported back to a corporate ERP system

Tank To Tank Transfers
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