Batching System
Our Thoughts

​Batching is one of Agile Automation strong suits, we've focused on some of our customers worst pain points and built a universal and configurable system that can be rapidly deployed. Flexible batching systems were typically only found on very large industrial plants that had endless capital. The latest SCADA systems have now given us more flexibility at a more affordable price point.  Please ask to see our demo project we can let you remote into our demo project to test drive a system.

High Level Features

Virtual twin system

test out changes, before releasing to production

Order Management

Stage orders with priority. Lock out batches with missing material

Editable recipe sequences

change a recipe in seconds

Storage tank management

great for rapidly changing materials in storage tanks

Recipe instructions can be anything a PLC can do 

Customizable security 

Both wet and dry charges in to the reactors

Change operator's access based on shifts, date, and time

Recordable small adds

Weigh scale with barcode scanner


Production, batch and report on exception reports

Order Management


  • Schedule orders for operators to run for the week

  • Order status​

  • Operator can be restricted to only running batches on Order Management

  • Can be connected to ERP system

Recipe Editor


  • Adjust the sequence, instruction, weight, time or speed

  • Copy or delete any recipe​

In the video you'll see

  • Selects a recipe to edit

  • Changes the sequence of the water and coffee concentrate

  • Changes the amount of water

  • Changes the batch yield amount

  • Saves changes

  • Reviews the change on the recipe screen

Recipe editor
Batch Screen

Batch Screen


  • Control and monitor batch sequences on a tabular screen

  • Load, Lock, Run, Pause batches

  • Adjustable batch sizes

  • ​Centralized formula for multiple reactors

Small Adds


  • Weigh, scan, verify and log all small amounts to your batch

  • Barcode scanner is WiFi with touch screen

  • Any industrial weigh scale weight data can be pulled in using a Hardy weigh scale card connected to the PLC.

Storage Tanks

  • Inventory monitoring

  • Quickly make status changes to any tank in your tank farm

Storage Tank Management System (STMS)


  • Change the name, specific gravity, scale factors, flow alarms

  • Enable and disable tank features

  • This data can be used to provide a storage tank report

Bulk Transfer


  • Transfer material from railcars, trucks, totes, and storage tanks.

  • Log and report any transfer

  • Can be completed on a tablet or portable PC

  • Records valuable data for reports

    • PO#

    • Re-brand

    • Seal info

    • Can trend tank level, motor current, speed, pressure, vibration and temperature

User Management


  • Users are logged in using their RFID security badges

  • Admins can add or delete users and access

  • User can be locked from access outside working hours​

  • Add or delete roles for user

PDF Viewer


  • Storage useful documents 

  • New personal training documents

  • Safety documents

  • Mechanical and Electrical drawings



  • Production reports

  • Batch reports

  • Valve usage reports

  • Alarm reports

  • Reports generated by events, date and time, or searches

  • Only one click to save, print or email the reports

  • Filter your old reports

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