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Production Performance Metrics, KPI/OEE
Production Peformance Metrics, KPI/OEE
Our Thoughts

Just showing real time OEE data to your staff typically has a dramatic impact.  Planning and getting into the detail is paramount to a successful OEE project, and is typically the hardest part. We can help, we've done several projects that can help you navigate some trouble spots. 

What is OEE?
Our Approach

Our general approach is to start with a basic system on a machine that you are experiencing some issues with, then migrate to a more advance system when you've established a theme that you would like to distribute to the rest of the facility. Thus, giving you the custom system designed for your needs. To save money, we can help you find a system that is expandable from basic to advance so work that was done doesn't have go to waste.

Basic Machines

Monitoring running, idle and alarm status

  • ​Sensors counting parts in, out, and scraps (optional)​

  • Data recorder/display/web server

  • Hand held barcode scanner for reason codes (optional)

More advanced machines and scheduling

OEE Solutions

​Monitor everything with scheduling

  • SCADA system (multiple users)

  • Ethernet connected PLCs 

  • Operator station(s) for data entry and live updates

  • Drill down reason codes

  • Custom fields

  • Scheduled time

  • Available time

  • Operator name

  • Work order#

  • Material ID

  • Production rate

  • Vendor material used

  • Target vs actual trends

  • Shift statistics

  • Multiple plant corporate analysis at cloud level


Why is OEE difficult to implement?
  • The  cost on the last mile of the project. Each machine might have a different code and made from a different suppliers, making it difficult for programmers to easily pull the tags (typically missing ) that are needed for solving the OEE equation and reason codes which are linked to alarms. 

  • Basic OEE is typically easy to implement but leaves the customer with more questions once they start asking more detailed questions about why the machine scores a low OEE number. More advanced OEE systems will have more data to drill down to, but the issue  often cost more and take longer to implement. 

  • Setting up a few machines is easy, but once you add more machines, planning has to be put into how to reduce the network traffic with each machine sending data to the MES or SCADA system. The use of managed switches and a protocol like MQTT need to be discussed. 

What should the goal be for an OEE project?

The real goal for OEE is to link a price tag on plants, production lines and machines. Corporate needs to know the plant's actual production capacity to make critical decisions. Production managers and maintenance need the OEE data to realign their priority for which fire to put out next.

Final Thoughts

Showing OEE solutions, is a whole website in it's self.  To save time we've found that a in-person meeting is the best approach to reviewing the different options. Please feel free to contact us.

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