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Automated Transfer Systems

A very popular product is our Automated Transfer System utilizing AB6 Pigging technology to recover the lost product in the product line. We've installed several systems from a simple single pigging line systems to a multiple line systems with complex flow panels and integrated CIP systems. Our systems are saving customers a lot of money with very short ROI.

Stages of the Transfer System

Watch a short video that goes through the different stages of a pigging system.

In this video you'll see

  • Selecting and deselecting the source tank

  • Starting a transfer from the source tank to the destination tank (hopper)

  • At the end of the transfer, the pigging system is started, pushing the pig with air.

  • Once the pig reaches the receiver, the pig is sent back to the launcher.

After the transfer and pigging, a CIP is needed.

In this video you'll see

  • Operator verifies that the hoses are connected in the correct location and the CIP chemicals are ready to be charged to the CIP tank.

  • CIP is started, which adds hot water to the CIP tank.

  • Once the CIP tank is full, the CIP solution is recirculated through the transfer lines. 

  • Depending on the CIP recipe the process will need to recirculate the CIP solutions through the lines for a set of time at a set temp and flow rate.

Transfer, Pigging, and CIP System Layouts

Different layouts for different applications


(Click Image To Enlarge)


(Click Image To Enlarge)


(Click Image To Enlarge)


(Click Image To Enlarge)

The Automation


  • Smart Virtual twin system for testing in Development

  • Centralized system for transfers, Pigging, and CIP

  • Centralized reporting solution

Software and Hardware

  • Allen Bradley PLC

  • Iconics or Ignition SCADA system

  • Turck Block IO

  • VFD drives

  • Fanless industrial PCs

Transfer, Pigging, and CIP System Layouts

Different layouts for different applications


(Click Image To Enlarge)

  • Total batch time

  • Source and destination

  • Operator

  • Cycles

  • Transfer time

  • Pig transfer time

  • CIP time

  • Transfer flow trending

  • CIP flow and temp trending

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